Grimacing Figure

The grimacing figure cannot be seen clearly, no face, no hands, just a shadowing shape moving from side to side. 

You start to make little steps across the twig infested ground, creeping very slowly towards the grimacing figure trying not to make a sound as your feet quietly crunch on the sticks. With every one that you snap, you stop for a brief moment and glare at the figure ahead of you to make sure it doesn’t hear or see you. 

For what seemed like hours, you are now within a few metres of the grimacing figure, and it has yet to be aware of your presence. The adrenaline starts pumping and your heart starts to beat wildly as you get closer. Fear is your natural enemy, but it’s also your motor that kickstarts your inquisitive mind. 

Even within touching distance, you still can’t work out the details of the thing. Your mind is playing tricks, the voices start, “Touch the figure,” one voice says, and another voice says, don’t do it, or something bad will happen. 

At this point your inquisitive mind overpowers any fears you have. You start to reach out to touch the figure, extending your arm slowly like it was slow motion. This action only takes a matter of seconds, but you seemed to be frozen and all time stands still, then finally, you make contact with it and scream. 

As you look at your hand, it appears to capture the same darkness that had clouded the grimacing figure the whole time. It is a complete mystery to what or who this figure is. 

Suddenly, the figure turns towards you, and a sudden bright light is shon from where a head should be. It dazes you and you’re now overpowered by its mystery strength. Everything starts to go from light to dark, where will you end up? 


The Eerie Forest

As you step into the forest and take a few steps forward, you notice the abundance of trees surrounding you, they are so close that you start to feel claustrophobic, and you lose control of your extremities. Your body fills with fear, the adrenaline starts to pump around your body, and your heart is beating rapidly. 

Somehow you ignore the fears, and cautiously take several more steps forward into the forest. You look straight forward and notice a small grimacing figure hundreds of yards away from you. This spooks you and stops you dead in your tracks. As you watch on from your stiff and lifeless body, your eyes lock onto the shadow of the unknown figure. 

The figure seemed in a daze, not quite knowing what they were doing. They would walk forwards, then to the left and right in swaying motion, have they had a drink?

You still remain fixated, but you must continue your quest. Go forth and investigate the grimacing figure, they could hold many answers to your quest.   

The Mystery Begins

I am a walking stranger, no one knows me, and even if they did, I would never tell them of my secret identity. You will be left in wonder to who I am, it will send you crazy, but I will bring you to a mystery world filled with troubles, emotions, and even fantasy. 

Once you come to the secret world, you’ll never go back, for the mystery of this place will leave you immersed in the intense powers of the abyss. 

Sit back and let me take you on a travel, for your skills will be needed. You have a Forrest in front of you, it’s misty, there’s a howling noise in the distance, and it has a spooky feeling that makes the hairs on your neck stand to attention. This is where you begin, go forth and walk into the mystery.